Biometric Screenings

A biometric screening helps you and your covered spouse identify and uncover potential risk factors for chronic diseases — like heart disease, hypertension or diabetes — before they become more serious. That’s important to you and to our company.
A. H. Belo must strike a balance between maintaining a competitive and comprehensive health care plan, keeping our employees healthy, and keeping our business financially strong and growing. Knowing your numbers is key to helping you take control of your health, and that’s why screenings are mandatory if you want to avoid added medical costs for you and your covered spouse.
In 2019, the health screening must be completed between June 4th and July 31st to avoid a medical surcharge in 2020.
Information about the current Biometric Screening program is still posted in the left navigation. Take a look at those materials to get an idea of our current requirements. Details about next year's Biometric Screening program will be posted closer to June.
Employees (and spouses) who receive passing credit for three of five risk factors and test tobacco-free will not have to pay surcharges for the following year's medical coverage.