401(k) Eligibility

For Pretax Contributions

You are eligible to contribute a portion of your pretax pay to the Savings Plan as soon as you become an employee of an A. H. Belo company that participates in the Savings Plan (referred to as a “participating company”).
There is no age or service requirement before you can elect to make pretax contributions. Your contributions are deducted from your pay as soon as practical after you enroll in the Savings Plan. 
If you do not make a contribution election, you are automatically enrolled in the Savings Plan. 

For Discretionary A. H. Belo Contributions

In general, A. H. Belo may choose to make discretionary matching and/or discretionary profit sharing contributions to the Savings Plan. The decision to make these contributions and the amount of any contributions will be determined by A. H. Belo from year to year. You are eligible for discretionary A. H. Belo matching and profit sharing contributions under the Savings Plan if you:
Have completed a year of service for eligibility purposes, and
Are employed by a participating company.

Look for More Information

Refer to the A. H. Belo Savings Plan Summary Plan Description (SPD), posted in the left nav, for more information about:
Participating companies
Eligibility (including information about excluded individuals and other requirements)
Automatic enrollment
Pretax contributions
Discretionary A. H. Belo contributions
Other Savings Plan details